Alpiq in: Romania
Alpiq Group

We control risks – you benefit

Risk Management

As an Alpiq customer, you can rest assured that you have a reliable partner. Our highly effective risk management has prepared us for any eventuality, and we are active managing and hedging our risk exposure to ensure our customers' peace of mind.

Who dares, wins. To enjoy success in business, you need to take chances. In our business, we would never take an unnecessary risk. We are much more interested in serving our customers' interests which we perceive as the effective identification, assessment and management of risk.

Damage limitation

This is where our risk management system comes into play. It uses targeted, cost-effective measures to limit potential damage arising from business-related risks to a defined, acceptable level. Within these limits, risk management manages and monitors risks to create maximum value.

This makes risk management an important tool in managing and further developing the Alpiq Group.

Most of all, however, it ensures the best possible safeguard for you as a customer.